CyBio's Pipetors



New pipetting platform providing an incomparable level of flexibility for its size

The CyBi-Felix from CyBio is a flexible and compact pipetting platform that allows single-channel and multi-channel pipetting in a footprint of only 65x45 cm. This automatic pipettor will easily find its place in any laboratory and under any hood.


Its 12-positions Desk accommodates reservoirs, microplates, tips, tubes and various accessories.
Depending on your methods, you have the choice of 3 interchangeable pipetting heads in a few seconds, including 96 and 384 tip heads.

The unique CHOICE™ head, for example, offers you a volume range from 500 nl to 1000 μL.
The CyBi-FeliX based on 25 years of experience in pipetting allows you to do Elisa, PCR and sequencing set-up, NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), hit picking, serial dilution, column or line, dilution, copying etc…
This automatic pipetting platform adapts to most of your needs and provides an ideal solution for most laboratories working with tubes, microtubes and microplates.

CyBio® FeliX base station

Thanks to its very compact format, it can be installed very easily in even the most cramped laboratory to carry out its daily task discreetly.


CyBio® FeliX for PSM

If it is necessary to work in a controlled environment to ensure the protection of users in a sterile environment or to protect critical samples, it will easily be installed in a hood or PSM.


CyBio® FeliX  as robotic platform.

For the implementation of an automated solution, the CyBio®FeliX pipettor is the solution to any automation problem. Entrust us with your project and we will study a solution together.


Currently 6 pipetting heads are available for the CyBio® FeliX

CyBio® FeliX with SELECT Head: 8 independent channels. 2 volume ranges.
For serial dilution, sample pooling, normalization, cherry-picking...
CyBio® FeliX with CHOICE Head
CyBio® FeliX with R96/60 µL Head
CyBio® FeliX with R96/250 µL Head
CyBio® FeliX with R96/1000 µL Head
CyBio® FeliX with R384/60 µL Head


R head 96/1000 µl Volume range: 10 - 1000 µl
Accuracy in volume range [CV in %]*: 25 - 100 µl ≤ 2%
>100 - 1000 µl ≤ 1%
R head 96/250 µl Volume range: 5 - 250 µl
Accuracy in volume range [CV in %]*: 10 - 25 µl ≤ 2%
>25 - 250 µl ≤ 1%
Head R 96/60 µl and R 384/60 µl Volume range: 1 - 60 µl
Accuracy in volume range [CV in %]*: 3 - 5 µl ≤ 2%
>5 - 60 µl ≤ 1%
CHOICE™ head with adapter 10 - 1000 µl Volume range: 10 - 1000 µl
Accuracy in volume range [CV in %]*: 25 - 100 µl ≤ 2%
>100 - 1000 µl ≤ 1%
CHOICE™ head with 1-50 µl adapter Volume range: 1 - 50 µl
Accuracy in the volume range [CV in %]*: 3 - 5 µl ≤ 2%
>5 - 50 µl ≤ 1%
SELECT™ head 8/250 µl Volume range: 5 - 250 µl
Accuracy in volume range [CV in %]*: 10 - 25 µl ≤ 3%
>25 - 250 µl ≤ 2%
SELECT™ head 8/50 µl Volume range: 1 - 50 µl
Accuracy in the volume range [CV in %]*: 3 - 5 µl ≤ 3%
>5 - 50 µl ≤ 2%

* The precision and accuracy specifications are based on the internal procedures of Analytik-Jena which uses gravimetric and photometric measurement methods, these are published in appendix B7 of the document ISO IWA 15 “Specification and method for the determination of volumetric performance of automated liquid handling systems” (

The application note „Photometric and Gravimetric Liquid Handling Check Procedure to determine the Random Error (Precision) and the Systematic Error (Accuracy) of Automated Liquid Handling Systems (ALHS)“ describes these methods in detail.
Any changes to these methods will influence the results shown above.

Technical datas

Standard (FeliX) For PSM (FeliX)For Automation (FeliX)
Weight (without Head) in KgsAround 50Around 40approx 45
Position number121212
Pipetting Channel1-3841-3841-384
Pipetting tipsDisposable and washables tipsDisposable and washables tipsDisposable and washables tips
Microplates format24, 96, 38424, 96, 38424, 96, 384
Tubes0.2 ml – 5.0 ml0.2 ml – 5.0 ml0.2 ml – 5.0 ml
Size (W x D x H in mm) 650 x 450 x 698699 x 450 x 637876 x 503 x 668
Volume Range 0.5 – 1000 µl0.5 – 1000 µl0.5 – 1000 µl

CyBio® Composer

  • Very powerful script control environment
  • Generation of a Studio application interface for routine or multi-user use.
  • Direct access to all pipettor control functions and liquid management parameters.
  • Possibility of interconnection with databases, xls, xml etc... and LIMS files.
    • Réplication de microplaques et reformattage
    • Dilution sérielle en colonnes ou en lignes
    • Cherry picking/ Hit picking
    • Normalisation de volume ou de concentration
    • Transfert de tubes vers microplaques
    • Extraction ADN et purification
    • Sequencage et notamment : Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
    • Microplate replication and reformatting
    • Serial dilution in columns or rows
    • Cherry picking/Hit picking
    • Normalization of volume or concentration
    • Transfer of tubes to microplates
    • DNA extraction and purification
    • Sequencing and in particular: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
    • HTRF testing
    • ADME and toxicity testing
    • ELISA
    • Cellular culture
    • Screening


Pipeteur Semi-automatique

  • Remplissez une microplaque 96 en quelques secondes

Le pipeteur CyBi®-SELMA est un robot de pipetage semi-automatique rapide, précis et robuste conçu pour optimiser votre rendement sans aucune programmation. Avec 96 ou 384 pointes jetables et ou lavables, toutes microplaques aux formats 96 et 384 puits peuvent être remplies en quelques secondes.

CyBi-Well Vario

Le CyBi-Well Vario possède une base automatisée qui utilise 9 têtes de pipetage interchangeables différentes simultanément. Les têtes peuvent être modifiées de façon simple et rapide à l'avant ou à l'arrière de l'instrument. Après le changement d'une tête de pipetage, il n'est pas nécessaire de procéder à un nouvel étalonnage. Que ce soit avec -4 , -5 ou 10 positions l'espace de travail, sous forme de rail ou de disque, vous permet de gérer un large panel de microplaques avec une grande souplesse et une haute précision de pipetage.


CyBi-Replicator, pipeteur pour replication et reformatage

L'appareil de gestion des liquides CyBi®-Replicator est une plateforme à 1 ou 2 têtes de pipetage et 10 positions grâce à l'intégration du CyBi®-Disk Vario. Un bras robotique rotatif, des stackers et son logiciel de gestion permettent un traitement à haut débit de vos microplaques pour la réplication et le reformatage.