robotic plateform

Robotic Plateform

We offer you new robotic platforms or to rework on existing robotic platforms. We can bring new functionalities while keeping all or part of the existing one: rehabilitation of a platform whose robot is obsolete, addition of peripherals, increase in flow, capacity or flexibility of pipetting, etc.

We are able to provide solutions including one or more robots, interfacing software and plug-ins as well as any additional peripherals, all with planning, implementation, training and monitoring.

Multiple applications are concerned: pharmaceutical screening platforms, automated high-throughput imaging systems, microplate replicators, compound managers, maldi-TOF coupling, synthetic biology, automatic barcode printing, etc.

Robotic Programming Design

With years of experience in the field of instrumentation, CyRISBio and its partners can design a complete custom instrument (mechanical, electronic, fluidic, and software) for your applications.

robotic programming design


CyRISBio, your independent partner for laboratory equipment and robotic integration. It is first and foremost a high quality and highly responsive service.
We always keep your needs in mind, CyRISBio and our collaborating partners deliver user-friendly innovations in lab automation.
Our goal is to provide robotic equipment and to offer our ability to integrate it into your platforms or processes. You are at the center of everything we do.
Using our creativity and flexibility, we seek to find the solution that best suits you.

Automated Biobanking solutions

CyRISBio offers a set of solutions dedicated to the storage and management of biological samples for BioBank.
We provide a global response, thus combining implantation studies, instruments, software, consumables and accessories for the storage and management of your samples, whether in microplate format, microtubes, cryotubes, vials, etc.
Whether you have to create, develop or manage a tissue library, biolibrary, sample library of compounds or biological samples, our know-how in multiple fields allows us to carry out with you the study of your needs and to offer you solutions that provide access to your recommendations.

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