Smart liquids dispenser for Microplates or Tubes


Automated plate filling systems

New generation of liquid dispenser for automatically filling microplates or microtubes

Dispense your reagents in seconds with excellent precision and reproducibility to speed up the production of your kits or the performance of your biochemical, chemical or biological tests.

The HIDispenser dispenser fits easily on the benchtop and the intuitive user interface makes setup and programming easy.

It exists in several sizes with a filling formula and serving by trays which makes your fillings extremely robust.

Never worry about simplified plate storage/retrieval aspects.

Designed to be extremely easy to use and customizable according to users, it offers an unrivaled level of performance to meet all the requirements for dispensing reagents, diluents, microbeads, etc.

A connection via "web server" allows it to be programmed remotely from any workstation and to "upload" the protocols from a single location on your network. Its mode of operation and its distribution devices which uses few consumables generates a low cost of use.



  • Distribution systems to choose from:
    => Peristaltic pump
    => Mono or multi-way syringe
  • Possibility of distributing up to 2 channels simultaneously.
  • Possibility of using up to 2 dispensing systems (2 syringe systems or syringes + pumps or 2 pumps)
  • Traceability of microplates by barcode reading.
  • Automatic volume control by ultrasound (options).
  • Automatic plate presence detection.
  • Easy to load and unload (tray system).
  • High throughput (filling of 4 plates in < 4 minutes).
  • Multiformat (6,12,24,48,96, 384 wells or microtubes)
  • Volume from 5µL to 2000µL per well
  • Robotic compatibility and integration (API)
  • Security with:
    Emergency stop button
  • Support for customizable trays.
  • Automatic dispensing control system by ultrasonic sensors (optional)
  • Graphic visualization of volumes (optional)

Its 4 to 14 position trays (depending on the model) can accommodate reservoirs, microplates and microtubes.

Depending on your needs, you have the choice of several interchangeable distribution heads in a few seconds with a double head system that allows you to mix 1 way - 2 ways - 4 ways - 6 ways - 8 ways - 12 ways.

You could have, as an example, a double head with 1 channel for single dispensing with the syringe module, associated with 12 channels and multi-dispensing with the peristaltic pump module.
You will then be able to go down to 5 µL in single-channel syringe distribution and 195 µL of buffer complement with the peristaltic pump for a total of 200 µL per well.

HIDispenser M size + 1 Module Dilutor 8 Ways

Thanks to its very compact format, it can be installed very easily in a laboratory (in a fume hood) even the most cramped to carry out its daily task in all discretion.


HIDispenser M avec 1 Module pompe péristaltique et 1 module 8 Seringues

Allows precise distribution at small volume with syringes and fast in Bulk with the peristaltic pump


HIDispenser version L avec 2 modules multiseringues.

In this larger version, the HIDispenser version L can accommodate a tray with 14 microplate positions.


HIDispenser could be used with one or two dispensing heads




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