Microtubes LVL 2D coded in Rack or Bulk

CyRISBio in partnership with the company LVL technologies, has developed new innovative storage solutions. They are based on individual microtubes marked 2D stored in racks in SBS 96, 48, 24 format: the Samplosophy®!


Pipetting tips

Supplied in trays or boxes, the packaging of our pipetting tips is adapted to the needs of laboratories with small and large throughputs. Whether you want to do cherry picking in single pipetting or treatments in 96, 384, 1536 well format, our range of tips will be adapted to your needs.

Fluidic hoses and connectors

Fluidic connections

  • Peristaltic Pump Tube fiitings
  • Luer Fittings
  • Threaded Fittings
  • Thread to Barb Fittings
  • PEEK Fittings

Fluids tubing

  • Teflon Tubing
  • Peristaltic Tubing

Dispensing Combs

  • 8,12,16,24 chanels
  • Autoclavable as an option